Career Hunter Insights: Here’s What Really Matters to Employers

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Here’s What Really Matters to Employers
Here’s What Really Matters to Employers

Here’s What Really Matters to Employers

When applying or interviewing for new career opportunities it can be very tempting to think about it from a selfish perspective.

What’s in it for you (the location, the scope of responsibility, the compensation, etc etc.)

The truth is that none of this matters unless you first take into account what is important to the perspective employer you are hoping to work for.

Why? Because if you don’t cater to this first you won’t have a chance to consider what’s in it for you. So, it begs the question…what really does matter to employers?

What matters most is your ability to solve their problems and alleviate their pain.

Take for instance a hiring manager who is short staffed and already over-budget for the quarter.  She just had an employee resign and is already having to pull ends together with another out on maternity leave.

She doesn’t have the capabilities of hiring contractors to pick up the additional workload because it’s simply too expensive.

So instead of being at her son’s ballgame she is at work.

Instead of being home by 6pm on Friday for pizza night she’s stuck at her desk.

Rather than being at her daughter’s dance recital, she’s working.

…get it?

In the case of this hiring manager, what she really cares about is how you can come on-board and immediately make an impact on the deliverables she is ultimately responsible to her boss and to the company for.

Do you need ramp-up time or can you hit the ground running?

Your ability to flush out the EXACT priorities and challenges followed by your ability to explain how you can provide a solution is what matters most.

If you are able to first diagnose like a great doctor and then prescribe based on your diagnosis I guarantee you the conversation will then fall into place masterfully in terms of the criteria important to you.

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Your Window of Opportunity is Closing Fast

Q: When is the best time to plant a tree?

A: 20 years ago…

Q: When is the second best time?

A: Right now…

The same goes for future-proofing your career, and enuring that nothing, including a recession or even a depression, will stop you from doing your part to fuel our next economic boom.

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