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Here’s What Really Matters to EmployersWhen applying or interviewing for new career opportunities it can be very tempting to think about it from a selfish perspective. What’s in it for you (the location, the scope of responsibility, the compensation, etc etc.)The truth is that none of this matters unless you first take into account what …

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You’ve been scouring the job boards searching for that perfect opportunity. The opportunity that’s going to give you the satisfaction you’ve been starved of for years. You read post after post, but they all seem to be written the same way…responsibilities, requirements…responsibilities, requirements……You decide to take the “shotgun approach” and send in as many applications …

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You’ve contemplated it for awhile…..making the drastic career change. Perhaps you’ve been an accountant for years, but realize your personality is more suited towards sales. Or perhaps you’ve been working in Quality Assurance, but would really make a go of working in Regulatory Affairs. Regardless of the change, there are three steps you can implement …

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As a job seeker in the current climate and marketplace, the odds are good that at some point this year, you’re going to be asked to do a video interview. Interviews are hard enough on a good day, so what is a video interview going to be like, and how will you measure up?I would …

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The saying “it’s a jungle out there” couldn’t ring truer than in the case of an Executive job search. Your vision of your “dream job” and the hard work of putting your plan into action to obtain this dream will only carry you so far. You MUST be mentally prepared for the emotional roller coaster …

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Job descriptions are more often than not written by a human resources, ortalent acquisition, representative. Let’s face it, 99% of the time it’s a laundrylist of responsibilities and requirements. Very rarely does the job descriptionget inside the hiring manager’s head and outline the true pains, problems, andpriorities this person needs your help to solve. You …

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The idea of hiring a career coach in theory is great. Who wouldn’t want a sounding board to guide you through tough decisions like how to pivot to a new career, how to build a stand-out resume, build your mindset to expect positive outcomes, or ensure you push all the right buttons during an interview. …

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In the Merriam-Webster dictionary you’ll find a definition for the word client is “a person who pays a professional person or organization for services.”By it’s very definition, you are not a client of a headhunter. Rather, the company paying for the services of the headhunter is the client.If you are of the mindset that the …

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