Career Hunter Insights: Acing the Video Interview

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Acing the Video Interview
Acing the Video Interview

As a job seeker in the current climate and marketplace, the odds are good that at some point this year, you're going to be asked to do a video interview. Interviews are hard enough on a good day, so what is a video interview going to be like, and how will you measure up?

I would argue that the video interview  isn't that different from a person to person interview. In some cases, companies are using nothing more than Skype to create the interview, and you're in front of a team of people.

It's a bit more awkward probably, but that can realistically be used to your advantage if you can get comfortable being in front of a camera. 
There is plenty of content on the internet related to the logistics of video interviews (dress, technical set up, background, etc.). I’m not going to get into that here.

Rather, here are a few tips to help you create a commanding performance during your video interview:

The depth and quality of you answers: 

One of the most common complaints hiring managers, peer groups, and HR/Talent Acquisition teams have is when a candidate cannot, or does not, answer questions concisely enough to get to the heart of the matter, but thoroughly enough to demonstrate her subject matter expertise. This gripe is primarily when referring to behavioral based, or experience based, lines of questioning.

Here is a sure fire way to accomplish both:

Think of your answers in this three-step formula:
Situation- Describe the situation that you were dealing with
Solution-What was the solution you, and your team, came up with
Outcome-As a result of your solution what were the measurable outcomes obtained (e.g. think made money, saved money, improved a process, etc.)

If you were the hiring manager, would you want to hire someone who didn’t come prepared with any questions to demonstrate their sincere interest in the role and the organization? Odds are you wouldn’t

Have questions prepared like:
-What are the two or three critical priorities you’d want this person to address right away?
-How would the xyz department look differently one year from now to give you the confidence you hired the right person?
-How can this person help you make things easier for you  (especially when asking peer groups).

Be prepared to address why you are interested in the company
-Nothing is worse to a perspective employer than someone who seems to be going through the motions, interview after interview, company after company playing the numbers game.
People want to hire individuals who are jazzed about their specific company. What it stands for, the value it offers their customers, etc.

Make sure you know enough about the specific company to be able to explain why you would be excited to work there. It shows you’ve taken the time to do your due diligence.

The Wrap-Up
More often than not, to my amazement actually, candidates leave the interview process with nothing more than a hope and a prayer that they will be called back either for the next round of interviews or with a job offer. Instead of saying to yourself “I think it went well”… “I hope it went well”, “I hope they call me back”, etc etc.

Do this instead…..

Ask each interviewer if there are any questions or concerns you haven’t addressed that would give them the confidence that it makes sense to move to the next step in the process, or if it’s a final interview, that you could be successful in the role.

In all my years of experience there are really only one of three answers they can give you. 2 out of the 3 leave you with closure and clarity. I’m not sure about you, but I’ll take those odds any day.

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