Who Are The Career Hunters?

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Who Are The Career Hunters?

The Career Hunters is the brainchild of two Headhunters who saw first-hand how most career advice given in a recession is useless, if not downright harmful.

Often-times, we would hear from Executives who were told that degrees and certifications mattered. …that years of experience mattered. …that a track record of success and glowing references mattered.

Yes, they matter in a booming economy, where executives could expect daily calls from recruiters, each with a new ‘can’t miss’ opportunity.

…but when those opportunities dry up, and those same recruiters stopped returning calls, oft-maligned career coaches came out of the woodwork.


The problem is the advice they give. It’s not bad advice per se, but advice on mindset, or how to navigate HR applicant tracking systems, or proper interview etiquette works wonderfully when recruiters are calling you daily with opportunities.

But when those opportunities dry up, you quickly learn that a great mindset doesn’t put food on the table.

Only RESULTS do, pure and simple.

One day during the re-opening of the US economy, David and Mitch (the two Headhunters behind this crazy venture), asked themselves:

“Knowing what we know as headhunters, if we found ourselves unemployed and competing for jobs in a shrinking market, what would we do RIGHT NOW?”

Or more to the point:

“How would we skip the soul-crushing job-search process, position our backgrounds as the perfect solution to the challenges business leaders face in these uncertain times, and get in front of front of as many hiring executives as possible in as short of a time-frame as possible…?”

“…AND how would we then set appointments with those decision-makers not as just simply applicants, but as problem-solvers?”

Then we asked one final question:

“Why couldn’t we teach this to candidates?”

…and that’s how The Career Hunters was born.

Let’s Meet The Career Hunters

David Stephen Patterson

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

David Stephen Patterson is a headhunter, entrepreneur, executive coach, business growth advisor, and marketing visionary living in Tampa, FL.

David is the Founder and CEO of The Kineta Group, an IT leadership executive search firm. Through the Kineta Group, he’s also a member of the Sanford Rose Associates Network, a top-10 ranked world-wide retained search firm (Executive Search Review)

He is also the Founder and CEO of the Digital Headhunter, a digital marketing agency and training company that helps headhunters and search firm owners accelerate their revenue growth by deploying Lighthouse Method™, his revolutionary marketing, prospecting, and sales system which he developed in the trenches as a headhunter.

He’s also the creator or the Headhunter & Executive Recruiter Community (the #HERC), Co-Host of the Headhunters in Boxer’s Talkin’ Smack live broadcast show, and creator of the Digital Headhunter TV YouTube channel.

As the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of The Career Hunters, he is excited to bring closely-guarded headhunting techniques to those who need it most: talented executives who are missing just one critical component to their success: the ability to market themselves.

A US Army veteran and proud patriot, he lives in Tampa, FL with his partner in crime Elisa Tanner, his 3 children, and 3 big, dumb dogs. In what little spare time he has, he’s either Crossfitting or SCUBA-diving wrecks in Key Largo.

Mitch Robbins

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Mitch Robbins is a headhunter, entrepreneur and executive coach based in Denver, CO.

Mitch is also the Founder and Managing Director of The Anthony Michael Group, a search firm placing talent in the Medical Device, Digital Health, Diagnostics, & greater BioTech space.

With almost 15 years of headhunting experience, Mitch and his team at AMG have received multiple achievement awards for excellence in recruiting. Mitch has been the choice of the experts to deliver training to both rookie and seasoned recruiters across multiple disciplines on numerous occasions.

Additionally, Mitch is the creator and host of The Med-Tech Talent Lab podcast featured on all major podcast platforms. The Med-Tech Talent Lab regularly features best in class Executives, HR, Talent Acquisition leaders, and other influencers across the Medical Technology space offering tips, tricks, and strategies to overcome real-world business and career challenges.

Mitch holds his degree in Psychology and a Minor in Business from the University of Wisconsin Madison. He resides in the suburbs of Denver, CO and is the proud father to two boys, Anthony and Noah. While in his former days Mitch traveled professionally in a well-known rock band, he continues to enjoy playing music as a passionate hobby.

Mitch is thrilled to be partnering with David to teach Executives and other leaders how to hone their value proposition and help prospective employers see them as the no-brainer solution to their problems.

What’s Next?

The Career Hunters Toolkit

Recession-Proof your career with The Career Hunters Toolkit, designed to give you the tools that real headhunters use to open up opportunities for their candidates at the highest levels.

This is designed to get you off of the career-hamster-wheel, by showing you EXACTLY how to transform your LinkedIn profile to become an Opportunity-Attraction Machine, how to design a magnetizing Candidate Value Proposition they can’t resist, how to put YOU in the Power Position in interviews, and a few extra surprises as well.

Learn The Campaign Method™

For those who want to take their career to the next level, this COMPLETELY FREE training is your inside look into the powerful Campaign Method™.

If you feel like your career has come to a screeching halt in our turbulent economy, but you KNOW you can bring an organization massively more value to weather this storm than any of your peers, and you just need a way to get that in front of the hiring executives that need you…

Then this will likely be the most important training you’ll ever see.

Accelerate Your Career

In our flagship Campaign Program, we show you how transform into a career tactician who takes control of your destiny.

This 12-week intensive will give you the exact blueprint on how to take control of your career trajectory, how to position yourself as the authoritative solution to solving the pains hiring executives are feeling in this ‘new economy,’ and how to land the job of your dreams.

Click below book a call with our of our Career Growth Advisors to learn exactly how you can Accelerate Your Career today.

Your Window of Opportunity is Closing Fast

Q: When is the best time to plant a tree?

A: 20 years ago…

Q: When is the second best time?

A: Right now…

The same goes for future-proofing your career, and ensuring that nothing, including a recession or even a depression, will stop you from doing your part to fuel our next economic boom.

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